Sow on Monday - Harvest on Sunday - High-Tech Agriculture

We have a Growth Chamber which is a Swedish patent pending innovation which will revolutionise the harvesting of crops and fodder. The Growth Chamber is the closed space where we optimise heat, water and light for different types of crops in order to produce rapid growth.

700 kg seed makes 7000kg of fresh fodder - in 7 days

8 Billion people - and everyone needs to eat - We have the technology to make it happen

Ask our Agricultural Management Consultant

Charlotte Åkerlind is one of Sweden’s leading agricultural and cultivation experts. She has worked for 20 years with different laboratories for agricultural analysis, such as HS Miljölab, BLGG and as CEO of Eurofins Agro Sweden AB.

– We are importing more than half of the food we eat and the feed for the animals. With the Growth Chamber, the need for transport, water, manure, machine time and crop spraying. Therefor, the Growth Chamber will contribute to achieving Sweden’s climate and food output goals.“

The future of agriculture is here - This is high technological growth

700 kg seed makes 7000kg of fresh fodder - in 7 days

The Growth Chamber is created to maximise growth with the help of a control system, which optimises light, heat and water, without using soil or fertiliser.

Green advantages

The Growth Chamber saves on the environment, the acreage and the work time required to harvest

  • Minimal environmental impact, “1% waterusage” and 100KWH per harvest.
  • The Growth Chamber can be used in any climate, it requires no particular environmental
  • Even feed quality all year round
  • No additives
  • No crop rotation
  • No overfertilisation
  • No risk of losing animals due to injuries
  • Fresh fodder all year provides better health to the animals

225 kr

Your Cost per Harvest, including electricity and water

7 days

700 kg seed makes in 7 days

7000 kg

7 tonnes of fresh fodder

This is High-Tech Agriculture


It is common knowledge that your animals feel better and produce more in the summer months. By increasing their intake of fresh fodder, their standard of health will increase exponentially. Thanks to the Grow In Fodder Chamber, you can now provide your animals with fresh fodder all year round. See the analytical test of health care whole-crop silage from BLGG here.

Climate Independent Cultivation

Grow In is a closed system that controls water, heat, and light. You will significantly reduce your water consumption. Grow In only uses around 1% of the water consumption that ordinary agricultural process requires. You are insuring yourself against crop failure, will not require a crop rotation and your climate impact is minimal. All you need is access to electricity and water.

Turn working time into spare time

Our calculations show that you get the same amount of farmed fodder with Grow In as through traditional farming, but in a third of the time.

Calculate what you can save

With Grow In you will be able to reap 7 tonnes of fresh fodder in 7 days, year round. For this level of output, you would normally require 80 hectares of land. The costs of vehicles, machines, fuel, working hours, irrigation etc are also reduced.


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